Florette Coquinette !®

L'Amie du Ceur

  Puckish Flora L'amie du coeur ♥
 Collection de livres aux enfants de 2 à 4 ans

Why this collection ?
This is the first collection of books whose heroine has Down syndrome.
Through simple illustrations and very short texts of the adventures of puckish Flora, the goal is that the child attaches to her personality through her disability and opens his heart at a young age to accommodate a different friend
How to use this tool of communication to better awaken your child to the difference?
Parents/grandparents / family: you can read the stories of puckish Flora to your child and let questions come at the end of the story. You can help the suggested lines of encouragement to help a different child at the end of the book.
Early childhood educators: you can use the themes of the books in the collection that evoke an aspect of disability to better speak a different classmate you welcome in your structure.


2-4 years to MIME rhyme

Puckish Flora ! 
Your braid 
tickles your head! 
Your blue eyes 
Make us happy 
moon shaped 
Your blue eyes 
are very naughty 
your heart of gold is a treasure
Your difference a chance
to love you as you are,
you, little Flora , Puckish Flora !