Florette Coquinette !®

L'Amie du Ceur

  Puckish Flora L'amie du coeur ♥
 Collection de livres aux enfants de 5 à 8 ans

Why this collection ?
This is the first collection of books whose heroine has Down syndrome for children 5-8 years.
Through illustrations and cheerful texts to the adventures of puckish Flora, the goal is that the young child who begins to reason, think about the difference of the other. This difference is seen as a richness that makes it grow, including through other characters in the book who are interested to Flore and her peculiarities.

How to use this tool of communication to better awaken your child to the difference ?

Parents/grandparents / family: you can read the stories of puckish Flora to your child and talk about her features. Through the reactions or the questions from her friends in the book, you can answer his questions. Encouragement leads suggested to help a different child at the end of the book will be able to accompany you.
Early childhood educators:  you can use the themes of the books in the collection that evoke an aspect of disability to better speak to a different classmate you are welcoming in your structure.


Nursery rhyme to mime
This is puckish Flora,
a small braid tickles her head
These eyes of the Moon affect the stars
those blue eyes of the sky touch the clouds
open her heart of gold,
You'll find a thousand treasures!
You're one different flower from others
your world is not the same as ours
You teach us every day,
What is the word love.
Welcome you as you are
is a great gift that you let us
Puckish Flora !
My friend of heart! My friend puckish Flora !