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Qui suis-je?


I am the mother of 3 children including a girl with Down syndrome, called Flore.She is now 4 years old.

I am an educator Montessori for 9 years old children, graduated 3-6 years and I am a fan of this pedagogy, that allows to approach learning by touch and manipulation of a material.

After working for 3 years in a bilingual Montessori school with children of 2 years, I continued to exercise my profession specializing me in particular support classes with children with disorders of learning, with this pedagogy.

The desire to work with different children has always been present even before Flore's birth !

I was always attracted to these little beings who carry within them a wickness, being convinced that it is them who help us to become better!

When my girl with Down syndrome was born, it was a love bomb.

A test too, lived from day to day in an immense joy.

Then I was given the chance for a year as school life assistant, to take care of a little boy of 4 years on average section reached the same difference.

I accepted this valuable mission with joy, thinking a lesson on how that little boy could evolve to school. This experience has reinforced this writing project.

In the meantime, Flore grew. She such a personality that she eventually inspire me.

This book became a no-brainer. I had to write it: my daughter gave me this challenge and life too: I had something to say. It is the substance of these stories, she blew me the words and tone of these stories.

The " Puckish Flora " collection - the friend of the heart - was born!

It will become the friend of all children. Thanks to Florette, the message of the reception of the different child enters everywhere in schools, families, nurseries. This collection is also for teachers and early childhood educators.

It gives me also, the immense joy of become author, to express my beliefs on the difference, which can be shared by many of you!

This collection is also a fulfillment of my journey, a personal reflection on the essence of life.

It is that the difference of the small beings is not a weakness but a chance for all, if you know look with your heart.
Editing and illustration of this collection are possible thanks to you!

If this funding could lead, this will be a sign of hope for all parents who have a different child.

This collection can grow small children and transform their eyes so that they become future adults open welcoming life in all its nuances.

This project is possible thanks to you! It is also yours! Thanks to all those who will carry this message of hope with me!



"All that is not given is lost" Hasari Pal